IEC62209-2 tank phantomIEC62209-2 tank phantom
IEC62209-2 tank phantom
Torso phantomTorso phantom
Torso phantom
Standing body phantomStanding body phantom
Standing body phantom
Torso SARTorso SAR
Torso SAR
SAM head & shoulders phantomSAM head & shoulders phantom
SAM head & shoulders phantom
CTIA hand phantomCTIA hand phantoms
CTIA hand phantoms

MCL-T is an independent UK-based company specialising in the supply of body models (phantoms) and tissue-equivalent materials for electromagnetic applications. Our standard products include

Our solid phantoms and broadband tissue-equivalent liquid offer a unique advantage - wide frequency range with no need to change the phantom or the liquid when you change frequency band. Find out more about MCL-T's broadband solution.

We can also custom-make phantoms or tissue-equivalent materials to your exact requirements, and we or other companies in the MCL group can provide research and consultancy services on all aspects of the interaction of electromagnetic fields with people. Please contact us for more information.

Hand phantomHand phantom
Hand phantom
SAM head & shoulder phantomSAM head & shoulder phantom
SAM head & shoulder phantom
Solid carbon-silicone SAM headSolid carbon-silicone SAM head
Solid carbon-silicone SAM head
In situ SAR measurementIn situ SAR measurement
In situ SAR measurement
Whole-body SAM phantomWhole-body SAM phantom
Whole-body SAM phantom
IEC62209-2 tank phantomIEC62209-2 tank phantom
IEC62209-2 tank phantom

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